What’s Much More Cost Effective And Better Source Of Working Capital Than Factoring: Contract Finance!!

If you or your customers  are factoring contracts, it may be ideal situation for contract finance.  Let us work with you or your customers to provide a proprietary contract structure that will allow a portion of future revenues on 2 to 7 year contracts at a fraction of factoring costs.  No more Chinese water torture with month to month funding from factors that charge 25% or higher.  Get more money for equipment and working capital.  It may create the ability to acquire and fulfill more and larger contracts, which is a win/win situation for all parties.

Here are the components of a successful contract finance deal:

  1. A vendor/service provider who offers service and/or product to their customers under a fixed term contract of at least 2 years.
  2. An equipment component that is necessary to fulfill the contracted service or produce the contracted product.
  3. A predetermined fixed minimum payment stream; unconditionally guaranteed by the end-user.
  4. A credit worthy end-user (customer).

If you, or you have customers, who would like to structure their contracts so the contract itself provides cash now, contact us now.