Need Working Capital or Equipment and Your Bank Said No?

Credit is still very tight in this up and down economy.  Bank lending seems to be picking up a little but the clients they lend to are the A credits.  In other words, those businesses that have been making money or have already turned the corner and are again making money and the credit of both the owner/officer and the business is good.

Many in the business community have hung on during these crippling times.  They have cut personnel, cut expenses and have managed to survive.  They see an opening and a chance for growth but their credit has been damaged and they are no longer bankable.  What do you do?

The solution may be right under your nose.  Many businesses require equipment in order to operate and make money.  Many have hundreds of thousands of dollars tied up in all types of equipment.   If this sounds like you the solution for additional working capital may be in your paid for, or almost paid for equipment.  You may have heard the term sale-leaseback, debt restructuring or asset based lending.  Whatever the term, the assets you own could hold the key to obtaining working capital to advertise, hire people, purchase new equipment, service a large contract or any other problem you are trying to solve.


Serving most industry sectors—especially Construction, food, pharmaceutical, metal working, transportation, wood working, machine tools and many industries, the sale leaseback is a viable tool and solution.


We can find some solutions, with additional collateral including real estate and equipment.  Do any following situations sound familiar?

  • Slow Credit
  • Tax Liens
  • Bankruptcy
  • Refinance existing debt or leases
  • Low FICO scores
  • Get the equipment or working capital that you need!

We can find solutions for all of the above problems if the additional is available.