2/13 2011 Insta Lease has partnered with an Investor that specializes in Contract Finance . We have agreed to work together to provide financing based on a contract between a provider of equipment and service and a credit worthy end user. A monetized contract allows us to do business on a large scale with providers that ordinarily would not be credit worthy.

5/7/2011 Insta Lease Offers a Start Up Program for New Businesses–Several of our investor-partners have opened up the credit windows to financing for a start up.  Even start up restaurants will be considered.  More detailed information read Insta Lease Offers a Start-Up Program for New Businesses.


6/17/2011  Working Capital and Solutions for Bad Credit.  Use the equipment you own or the real estate, residential or commercial, with equity to get the equipment or the working capital you need.  We can work  with you and provide solutions.

6/23/2011  Financial Products, Equipment Leasing are our main products.  Our business model is Business 2 Business and we offer connections to other businesses that have solved our problems or have been recommended to us by associates.  Check out the following contacts. Our first offering: Credit reports, both business and personal.  Want to know your business profile?   Want to know your personal credit and scores?  Scores are one of the main criteria to determine if you can obtain the credit  you need.

7/22/2011  Expanded and Updated Contract Information.  If you have any interest in Contract Financing check out the Article.

7/24/2011 Excellent Rates Coupled with Ease of Use. Insta Lease has partnered with a source of funds that offers very competitive rates for Equipment Leasing.   This is for vendors selling equipment and customers that wish to purchase equipment. Business to Business. We like rolling stock, machine tools and other related products.  If your collateral isn’t listed please call.  For additional requirements just click on low rates.  $35,000 to $5,000,000.  App only!  Meet the follow criteria and this financial product could be for you.

8/21/2011  Insta Lease Qualifies as a Swiftpage Promoter for Swiftpage. We use this product as our email client.  It does all it says it does and more.  For that reason we are promoting it because we believe in it.  It is the best product for our needs and for the needs of many businesses.  Try it.  It costs you nothing for 60 days.  Click Here