Our Team

Ted Pierce, Owner & Founder

Prior to forming Insta Lease, Ted worked at Westinghouse Credit, a division of Westinghouse and part of the financial services group. His duties included sales of financial products, collections, and management. His responsibilities included growing the district in terms of receivables, profitability and development of new financial products.

Product profitability was always a challenge as the market was very competitive. He investigated small balance equipment leasing and determined that it had the potential to be a very good profit center. Additionally it was a service to many vendors selling equipment to other businesses instead of consumers. The leasing product had enough potential that the company opened a separate small balance equipment leasing division which proved to be a very profitable center.

During his working career Ted was stockholder and President of a small rural water company located in the Santa Cruz Mountains in California. Due to the mountainous location it presented a unique set of problems that water companies don’t encounter in the flat lands. His duties included working with state and county water agencies, managing a working crew, and laying pipes and repairing pipes and pumps when necessary.

When Ted graduated from college he moved from Oregon to California and went into business with his brother in law. With a small loan guarantee from his father they purchased a neighborhood grocery store serving the local community. They eventually purchased the property under the store. Approximately four years later they sold the business for a nice profit after settling all obligations. Throughout his working career Ted has developed real-estate including building single family residences.

Ted holds a BS degree from Oregon State University with majors in marketing, finance and a technical minor. He enjoys being outdoors when time permits. Hunting, fishing, and target shooting are some of his hobbies.


Diana Pierce, Owner & Founder

Prior to Diana helping to start Insta Lease she worked in her family business for 20 years. Her father and mother started a marine and sporting goods store in northern California. It grew to be one of the largest stores of its type before they sold it. Her job included the responsibility of purchasing everything for the store except for the boats and engines. Additional duties included titling the boats and trailers upon purchase by a customer, handling the consumer contracts as well as being a licensed insurance agent. She turned the insurance program into an additional profit center for the operation. The business was finally sold after 30 years of family operation.

Later she worked for Mountain Charlie Water Works as secretary treasurer. Like Ted she was a stockholder and officer. She was responsible for customer service, customer billing and accounts receivable and payable.

Her duties with Insta Lease include having a thorough working knowledge of our lines of credit. She is responsible for the documentation, the submission of credit applications and all of the detailed work associated with accurately documenting a transaction and credit submission. She works closely with our brokers and sales force to make sure the application process is accurate and complete when submitting transactions to our banks and other sources.