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A subtitle for this page should be: Bits and Tidbits of Information and Products Useful to and for Business Owners.

The intent is to provide you links, articles and other information that you, the visitor will find helpful.  Many of the links are to programs or articles we use here at Insta Lease and feel comfortable in recommending.  The articles we have found valuable to us.  We hope they are interesting and valuable to you as well.   If you are interested in anything you see please contact us.  We will provide a free phone consultation or email additional information to you.  We have many years of experience regarding business finance, especially equipment leasing and related financial products.  We will be happy to share our experience and information with you.

Are you interested in improving your web site and learning more about social marketing  but don’t know how to do it?  We here at Insta Lease struggled with this problem.  After a lot of research, time and trial and error I have found a solution for Insta Lease.  We are a small business  with a limited budget in this economy.  The following site  will take you to a lot of free valuable information and contact you might find helpful.  The association has helped us with internet marketing, web sites design and technical information that we never knew existed   If you would like more information go to the link or sign up and we will contact you and provide information.

Internet Marketing Strategies

For a limited time Internet Marketing For Business is offering free training courses on internet marketing strategies for business owners and entrepreneurs associated with Insta Lease.

To learn more please click on the link below.

Topics you’ll receive professional training on include:

– email marketing

– social marketing

– search engine optimization (SEO)

– business blogging

and other strategies to improve your website and increase traffic and sales.

Please visit the following page to learn more and gain special access this training.

Jarom Adair, the creator of the trainings, has coached hundreds of business owners to greater success online. He’s created many hours worth of professional instruction on these topics.

This is training and education that other business owners pay a monthly fee to access. But through this unique offer you can get lifetime access at no charge.

We hope you find this training of great value to you and your business.

Insta Lease

Ted Pierce



Get Your Business Credit Report

Know Your Personal Credit–what is in your file that may prevent you from getting the product, goods or services you want or deserve?

Get Equifax Score Power

Printing–do you need “stuff” printed but don’t know where to go?  Do you look for good pricing–as we all do? Do you want an honest company? Like we all do.  Here is one.  They have many solutions to many problems and answers to questions.

Do you need a place to go for office products?  Here is one.

Clary Business Machines Co has the commitment, experience and expertise you deserve from a professional E-Commerce Company on a lifetime investment. Clary Co. was established in San Diego in 1954 to provide technological solutions to local corporation, government and educational institutes that improve their operational efficiencies while reducing costs.
Today, after receiving prestigious awards such as INC 5000 and “Top 50 Fastest Growing Companies in San Diego“, and with a customer base of over 25,000 satisfied corporate, educational and government accounts, Clary has become a trust worthy provider of state-of-the-art end-to-end technology solutions. From video conferencing solutions to interactive learning tools, 3rd generation telecom solutions, document management systems and medical diagnostic instruments, we offer customized solutions with an emphasis to improve our customer’s bottom line.

Clary Business Machines, Inc.