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Here at Insta Lease, one of the mottos we work by is “Forget about all the reasons why something may not work. You only need to find one good reason why it will.”~ Dr. Robert Anthony, which is why we’re excited to announce that we’re providing budding business owners yet another opportunity to “Find the way to make it work”, Insta Lease now offers a Start-Up Program for entrepreneurs . Even those industries that are considered difficult to fund such as:

Restaurants-yes, even restaurants!


Start Up Restaurants

Health Care Clinics
Construction Companies
Production Companies
If you don’t see your business –contact us. We can probably find a way to finance it.

It can be tough to secure adequate funding for start-up business ventures, as those of you know that have tried to find funding for your project. The current lack of financial stability in the market has had a dramatic effect on the start-up capital that banks are willing to fund. However, this challenge gives way to tremendous opportunities through business equipment leasing. Rather than tying up credit lines or spending precious capital when borrowing from a bank, business entrepreneurs can take advantage of equipment leasing benefits that include:

Flexible Lease Terms: Business start-ups can select from equipment leasing terms spanning from 24-60 months
Elimination of Equipment Obsolescence: Entrepreneurs can regularly upgrade rather than own out-of-date equipment
Tax Benefits: Business owners can deduct equipment leasing costs in a single tax year in addition to the bonus depreciation deduction outlined in the Small Business Jobs Act.

Do you have questions about Insta Lease’s Business Start-Up program or your company’s eligibility? Contact Insta Lease and our equipment leasing professionals will provide you with the information you need.